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Cavities are a common concern for all children as they grow, but with Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry’s Charlottesville dental fillings, your child’s oral health is in expert hands. We exclusively use composite fillings to restore teeth discreetly and effectively, ensuring your child’s smile remains naturally beautiful and healthy.

How do composite fillings help your child?

Composite fillings bond seamlessly with tooth structure, offering a solution for cavities and minor tooth repairs. Ideal for children, teens, and adults, composite fillings provide durability and aesthetics, blending perfectly with the natural color of teeth.

Benefits of Treatment

  • Aesthetically pleasing with color matching the teeth.
  • Less invasive, preserving more of the natural tooth.
  • Mercury-free and safe for all ages.
  • Strong and durable for long-term dental health.

Dental Fillings FAQs

Why choose composite fillings?

Composite fillings offer a more natural appearance compared to metal fillings, blending seamlessly with the tooth’s color, and requiring less drilling, preserving more of your child’s natural tooth.

Are composite fillings durable?

Yes, composite fillings are made to withstand the forces of chewing and can last many years with proper care, including regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene.

Is the process of getting a filling painful?

Our team ensures every step, from numbing the area to placing the filling, is as comfortable as possible. We prioritize your child’s comfort and can discuss sedation options for Charlottesville dental fillings treatment if needed.

How do I care for my child’s composite filling?

Just like natural teeth, composite fillings require good oral hygiene. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are essential to maintain the filling and overall dental health.

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We accept most insurance plans and will help you understand the extent of your coverage.
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